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DICHLOFOSS universal, (250ml)
Insecticide Dichlofoss to kill all kinds of both flying and crawling insects.

Using direction:
Close the doors and windows of the room before use. Take the food, cages with animals, aquariums out of the room. Cover the things, which can be in contact with food. Shake well the can before use. To exterminate the flying insects in the room of 14-18 m2, spray Dichlofoss universal for 5-7 sec. After 15 min. open the windows and ventilate the room very well not to leave any smell of the product.To exterminate the crawling insects, open the windows and spray Dichlofoss on the insects swarm. Do not use Dichlofoss to protect plants and vegetative products.

Use biocide products safely. Please read the label and information about the products before use.

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