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Our company is exceptional because of insecticides manufacturing in Lithuania.
DICHLOFOSS line is ascribed to insecticides and it includes three different poison types:
Dichlofoss universal, Dichlofoss for crawling insects and Dichlofoss for flying insects. 

Dichlofoss insecticide, consisted of two strong insecticides – NEO PYNAMIN and GOKILAHT – having very effective purpose – fast paralyzing and repelling effect, strong killing influence, little toxic for mammals.

This insecticide works in very wide spectrum. Kills all types of flying insects, crawling insects and their grubs like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, bugs, fleas and etc. There are three types of this insecticide, killing flying and crawling insects. 

Aerosol package is very effective because of its sprinkling: flying insects are killed by small particles, crawling – by big ones.  


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