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Our company JSC „BHC group“ offers a wide range of households and human beauty products. The assortment includes eight different brand names, certified by time and traditions, used for a few decennaries and known by lots of people.

Products are classified as:

„Cleanness goods“, which includes „VALO“ brand name together with nature friendly dishwashing tablets, laundry tablets, stain remover and colour enhalsing tablets, aerosol cleaners, hand cleaning paste.

“Insecticides and repellents”, marked by one of the oldest brand names in Lithuania “DICHLOFOSS”, which contains three aerosol insecticides – fighting with flying and crawling insects and repellent “Zy-Zy” against mosquitoes, midges, ticks and the other sanguivorous insects;

“Anti-lime means”, named as “CALX-OUT” which includes products, helping to take off lime stains on the bath and kitchen, lime scale in the kettles, teakettles, washing-machines;

“Antistatic means” named as “ANTISTATIC”, reducing fabric adhesion, eliminating scintillation and crackle, dust concentration on the surfaces;

“Fertilizers”, which are divided into two lines – “VITA” (also one of the oldest brand names in Lithuania), including powdery, liquid concentrated or already prepared for direct usage, melting tablets shape manufactured fertilizers with magnesium and trace elements;

“Ferto” fertilizers and the other products for garden, such as garden wax, implement for whitening trees and etc.

“Hair care means” – styling hairspray, saturated provitamin B5, including UV filter and named as “FIXI”.

Our production helps everyone’s home look cozy, clean ant neat. Only to have tried "VALO", "DICHLOFOSS", "Zy- Zy", "CALX-OUT", "ANTISTATIC", "VITA", "FERTO" and "FIXI" products, you will be convinced by their quality and reliability. Our production you can find in the biggest supermarkets and domestic appliances stores.

JSC „BHC group“ can be proud of being the only one company in Lithuania manufacturing aerosol insecticides. Our purpose is to ensure the highest quality, effectiveness and time tested reliability of the products!


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